Thursday, April 22, 2010

{2 weeks left of classes!.. + 1 day}

This might just turn out to be me this weekend. I realized this evening as I was driving home from school (at 9:30 PM) that I have 4 Projects due before classes are finished... in TWO WEEKS!  I don't think I realized I had a project to do in EVERY class until I sat and thought about it!! EEP!  So ... if you don't hear from me for a little while, you'll know where I am.  Please send some MoJo my way.  Of any kind. I'll need it all.

Thank You,

ps - I sorta noticed something the other day.  Is the font on my blog really small for you guys? does it bother any one?


  1. I'm in my last few weeks of school too but luckily i'm only taking math this semester so the most i have to worry about is my final.

    and about your font being too small, i never really noticed it before but i guess it is a bit small. it's doesn't really bother me but maybe thats because i have pretty good vision.

    goodluck with all your classes, i'm sure you'll do well though, Mrs. Smarty Pants ^.^

  2. Hang in there! Your font is kinda small, but I like it. Also, I'm going to STITCHES SOUTH today!! Can't wait!

  3. Good luck getting everything done. I don't find the font annoyingly small.