Thursday, January 26, 2012

{Casting On Advice, Please!}

Starting tomorrow, Friday, Mr. Pie and I are headed to the cabins at Douthat State Park! YAY!  It's the park where we got married, so it's a very special place to us, and it's promising some dark and dreary weather, which is perfect for having a wood fire all day!    Knitting in front of the fire at the cabins may be my very favourite thing ever.

So of course this morning, when I should be worried about getting dressed and getting to school to work on my final paper, instead I'm worrying about what yarn to bring for a new project to cast on!  I'll have lots of knitting this time weekend, (and lots of writing time...hopefully) so I'm excited.

Dark and Stormy is one option - this is what I was thinking of using that Vanna Heathered yarn on:

(c) 2010 Splityarn

  This cardigan is top down with worsted weight yarn, so I wouldn't think it would be too bad for cabin knitting - nothing overly fussy and such, so it holds good possibilities. I would have to buy the pattern today though. $6.50 isn't too bad for a sweater pattern.  I would probably have to fuss with the side seams a bit to put some shaping in, but I've been admiring this sweater for so long!

Maybe a sock pattern?  I have a few sock books kicking around and that killer skein of cashmere sock yarn kicking around that I could probably just cake it and toss it in a bag along with my sock needles and have a pretty easy packing job of it.  I do need to finish the second of Mr. Pie's slipper socks before I cast on for more sock though.  In for a penny, in for a pound?

I also haven't knit a shawl in a while and I have a some pretty lace and sock weight yarns that could be shawls.  Do I want something really complicated?  Usually for cabin knitting it's what i go for since there's no distractions, but if I don't *finish* the project this weekend that means that it'll drag over in to the spring school semester which mean - let's face it - it'll be unfinished until at least May. 

There's IS this one shawl idea that I've had percolating for a while: the Cladonia Shawl pattern in this great colour changing yarn, with maybe a soft grey to stripe it with... 

So what do you guys knit when you're getting away?


  1. I've knit cladonia. Its a beautiful pattern! I knit it in a tweed DK though, so its properly chunky and so soft and smoooshy :-) I'd say go with that... The stockinette zips along really fast, and the lace bit is not that complex anyway. Have a great weekend! Lets skype soon x

  2. I usually take a shawl and a pair of socks. Shawls are easy to knit and easy to pick up and put down without worrying about the pattern too much. The sock is for when I get bored with the shawl :D Hope you have a wonderful time!

  3. I would take 2 things, one that requires concentration like a shawl, and one that's easy to pick up and put down like socks. I do like the cardi though, but it might not be very portable.

  4. I would have to agree; the socks and the shawl.

  5. You've probably already decided, but I'd agree with socks and shawl! Socks are such perfect travel knitting, as is a simple shawl.

    Hope you have a wonderful time, that sounds like such a lovely trip!