Monday, January 30, 2012

{Alora's Quilt is DONE!}

Oh my gosh I'm so excited to show you guys these pictures.  I love this quilt!  It's so fun and soft and warm and smooshy!

fabric: Sunny Day by Connecting Threads 
 pattern: Strawberry Fields by Moda Bake Shop

I did the binding in the perfect shade of pink satin.  OH my gosh it's so soft!  But let me tell you... cutting that stuff was a such a pain in the butt! My ruler kept sliding around and I could not get a straight bias cut to save my life. lol  I don't think you can tell too much in the end though. hehe

Then, you may notice that the quilting is ... minimal.  I decided to do this because where the blocks come together are the only straight lines in the quilt and I don't have a quilting foot.  I keep putting off buying extra feet for my machine because I'm pretty sure I'm going to want an upgraded model soon, and some of the new machines come with those things, so I don't want to be buying stuff twice, ya know?

(as an aside: if someone is selling a used Brother machine, I'd be thrilled if you put me in contact with them!)

I can't wait to get it in the mail!


  1. Oh wow! That is so beautiful! I really wish I had the space to quilt. But I'm not sure I would ever reach the level of complexity that you have!

  2. Ooooh, fleecy backing! I bet that is lovely and smooshy :-)

  3. How can you stand to give it away? It is amazing.

  4. I love that quilt! It's so pretty.

  5. The combo of colours, the polka dot backing, everything is awesome! Fabulous job:)