Monday, May 30, 2011

{Quilting Continued}

I've continued to be gripped by this quilt, and I'm enjoying it very much!  It's quite a mess in our office when there's an in progress quilt so I feel like I need to hurry up and at least get the top put together so there aren't all these pieces laying around. hehe

Would you like to see my quilting space all set up??

 I finally have it all figured out!  Now when I sit at my stool everything important is right in arm's reach! Huzzah!

And here were my finished blocks part of the way through the morning.  I started the day with 8 squares, there are 10 in this photo, and now I have 16! Only 4 more to go before the amount the pattern calls for, but I'm thinking I'll have enough fabrics for another row of 5 to make a big square quilt, so that's my goal.

Oh! And today is Mr. Pie's Birthday! Happy Birthday, Baby!  I've got steaks marinating and waiting for the grill and Chocolate cup cakes baking in the oven, soon to be receiving some cream cheese icing.  Off to the kitchen I go!

How is your memorial day going?


  1. It looks beautiful! And you're making it so fast too! Amazing!

  2. It's gonna be AWESOME! Happy b-day Mr. Pie.

  3. Okay, so I ignore you for two months, and you produce two shawls, a sweater, three pairs of socks, a bookcase, a redone lamp, and now a quilt - not to mention passing Multi-variate Calculus? I am so impressed with all of this. I really like the design you have going on this, and I really need to check in here more often (now that my life is starting to settle back down). Congratulations on all of your accomplishments.