Thursday, May 26, 2011

{Lydia Cardigan is DONE!}

My Lydia Cardigan has sewn on buttons!  Unfortunately we just took this one picture, but I'll be sure to get more when Mr. Pie has time to point and click. 

I really like this one!  The buttons I chose were from RetroNaNa on Etsy! She has gorgeous buttons and fabrics at reasonable prices, but they take a while to get to the states from China (hence the delay in finishing this sweater!).  Here's her picture of them:

The yarn I used was Marks & Kattens "Lin" sent to me from Sweden (from guess who? Jenny!) in two shades of off-white.  Kind of a cream and a linen colour together.  I really like the very subtle contrast here.  The wide collar is a lot of fun too! I wish I'd cast on a few more stitches at the button of the button band, but hey... I wasn't up to ripping it out at that point. lol I thought I'd be able to fix it with some gros-grain ribbon in the button band, but I ended up opting not to do the ribbon.  With this kind of button band that goes up and around the neck I didn't know where it would be appropriate to stop the ribbon, so I just skipped it.  I was also having trouble finding any wide enough.  Does anyone have a good online ribbon resource?

Overall, I've been enjoying wearing this cardigan a ton.  It was 90+ degrees today and it felt nice wearing it in the air conditioning. Outside it was a little bit warm, though.  I think I expected the linen to be cooler, but it is paired with some acrylic too, so maybe that's giving it some warmness factor.

Either way. Loving it!


  1. So cute, awesome greenie buttons. Excellent work!

  2. The cardigan and buttons are awesome! I haven't gotten up the nerve to start a sweater yet. The buttons alone make me want to re-think that decision.

  3. Its beautiful. I love the buttons!!

  4. Great sweater and amazing buttons!