Thursday, May 5, 2011

{Birthday has Come Early!}

Mr. Pie has been teasing me relentlessly about how he was going today to pick up my birthday present.  He and I are both *horrible* at keeping secrets!  I got home from school today and he was waiting for me with this...

A new yarn bowl!!  He special commissioned this one for me from Sonya Fort√©, who was the lady that I posted about from the Fiber festival we were at recently.  I love owning hand made objects from artists I've met!  He also commissioned it to have one of our favorite motif's on it... hugging people.  We didn't set out to start collecting hugging people, but we managed a couple of statuettes and a great abstract piece of art before we realized that we have a theme going.  

I think this probably won't be the last of the art we buy from Sonya!

Thanks, Lovey!!  I LOVE this gift!!


  1. I love that Mr. Pie supports your yarny habit. :-)

    The yarn bowl is beautiful.

    Happy Birthday.

  2. It's so beautiful! And I can totally see it fitting in with your hugging-theme too, perfect!

    There might be a little package coming in the mail next week as well...

    Hugs / Jenny

  3. Ooh, lovely gift! It's beautiful.

  4. Happy Birthday. Its beautiful. What a nice gift!