Friday, September 16, 2011

{A New but Older FO}

Do you remember me mentioning my Shrug This cardigan that I knit AGES ago during the summer? Ravelry says I finished it on June 30th and I guess I believe it. hehe

Well I wore it today!! I was SO excited when told me it was going to top out at 59 degrees today!! YAY!  I had Mr. Pie take a few pics before I left this morning:

(oh and I also cut my hair this summer. Wattaya think?)

I'm loving this! Over the summer when I tried it on I wasn't digging it at all but just over a black t-shirt and with jeans it's perfect. It's super warm but without full-length sleeves it wasn't TOO warm for hiking around campus in. Perfect!

The yarn I used was from Unplanned Peacock, Superwash Merino Aran and then the edging was a Gaia's Colours yarn, Fluffy DK which is now discontinued.  This one is certainly going to be worn. I got SO MUCH compliments and even another friend of mine asking what it would cost for me to make one for her! I hope the price didn't scare her too much! LOL

And just so you don't think i've been doing NO knitting, I'm getting ready to connect up my lace weight top down sweater together below the neckline. lol  It's a little slow-going.


  1. The hair, the sweater, the outfit - too cute! Love it all. You look smashing.

  2. Very nice cardigan! Those colors look great on you.

  3. love the cardigan and love the haircut...they both look great on you ^-^ well done!

  4. That's a beautiful piece of work! just lovely. And the model's not bad, either.....thanks for showing us.

    It's a really great outfit, altogether.

  5. Love the sweater (especially the colors) and love the hair! They go together, actually.

  6. Wow, love the colour, it looks great on you!

  7. That is a great cardi. I love the two yarns together!