Wednesday, September 21, 2011

{Knitting News of All Kinds}

Today I have an FO, an imminent cast on and also knitting patterns to share with you!

First: Patterns! Because the new fall Knitty is out!!  Do you all have your faves picked out? The first one that caught my eye was the Tenney Park Pullover.  I love love love the entralac in the front, especially since it's been on my list to learn for ages now!  I'm imagining my version having a slightly lower neckline and a little less contrast in the colours chosen for the front panel.


 The Auguste Pullover is a good style for Mr. Pie I think, though I wish I could see it on some dude other than Mr. Twilight Fanclub  that they have it on. (hehe)  Mr. Pie is pretty boxy and large across the shoulders, so the open neck will work well on him I think.  It's also a fairly small gauge so it wouldn't turn out to be a super heavy sweater, which is important because he's practically a furnace all by himself.

 But for me the one that steals the show is the Vignette Cardigan.  I adore the turquoise with the red buttons! The deep V is perfect for me and I love the detail down the arms.It is knitted in pieces and then seamed though, which might be something to keep me from knitting this particular pattern in stead of just say... using it for inspiration.  I can totally hack that lace pattern, right?

In other news entirely, I finished a languishing UFO! YAY!  In you're interested in seeing it, and you're not family to me, then you can go to my Christmas 2012 page at the top of the blog to see pics and details of the latest gift knitting. :)

So with that one off the needles, I think I want to start a new project!  I've foobarred the lace sweater really good and I need to decide if  I really REALLY want to tink back 5 rows (in the round) to put the waste yarn for the arms at the appropriate place.  While pondering my next project, my friends Anna and Jenny informed me they were both knitting the Brandywine Shawl, so I thought I'd hop on board! It's a Rosemary Hill pattern, so I know I'll love knitting it.  I have a semi-solid with quite a bit of contrast in primarily a very dark brown (almost black) from the Unplanned Peacock, so I'll be using that. :) 


  1. wow that shawl is gorgeous!

  2. Oh I love those sweater patterns!!!! The shawl is lovely - I can't wait to see it completed.

    Happy knitting!

  3. You have to wear a beret with your entrelac sweater, of course.

    The purple is also an interesting choice for Mr. Twilight...but it does look like a suitably manly sweater.

  4. Boxy and large. Gee thanks Sweetheart.

  5. oh wow i didn't know the new Fall Knitty was out, thanks for the heads up! good luck with your lace sweater, i know how tedious and painstaking it can be having to frog back a lot :<

  6. You have a fantastic, very effective blog and I am impressed. I will follow you. Best regards from Greece!!

  7. Hey, no updates since September! Did you know that it's November now?? How are the projects coming along? I love your blog. And love you too! xo