Thursday, December 23, 2010

{My Swap Package!!}

YAY!! It's finally here!!  Laura Jane is from Needles, Pins and Baking Tins blog.  I can't remember if I found her or if she found me, but once I read her site I was hooked!  She's more of a quilter turned crochet/knitter and I'm a knitter trying to do some quilting.  She also has the EXACT same sewing machine that I have! How cool is that??  We're also both math type people, which is cool to find. :) Totally kindred spirits!

So of course, one thing lead to another and we began emailing back and forth.  The idea of a swap was brought up and I jumped at the chance!  I love swapping with my international friends. :)   We set a deadline for sending out our packages on December 1st.  Mine somehow got to her at lightening speed and she wrote about it here , and for some other random reason mine took until today to get here!  And let me tell you... it was WELL worth the wait.  I've totally been spoiled!

I was impatient and didn't take a picture of the pretty box!  You can see Popeye climbed in the pretty stripey paper instantly. hehe  The yarn was all wrapped up in some some CUTE reindeer paper and there were hand written notes!!  I love a great hand written note. hehe

Oh my goodness there are SO MANY yummy goodies in this box!!  I'll save the yarn to show you last. ;)

The food yummies here are some Jammie Dodgers (these are them, Laura Jane! YAY!), some mince meat pies!! Oh my goodness oh my goodnesssssss! The real ones!  These will be going in the oven one by one!! for just ME! And some HP sauce for Mr. Pie to eat on his Bacon Sarnies. hehe

Then there's a VERY cute recipe book ( which I can't wait to delve in to) from a British magazine, some Twinings tea that I don't recognize the name of (very cool), some GREAT lipton teas, a few candies, which are so much fun, and the felt hearts are on my tree!

Some traditional marmalade, orange and strawberry, then finally some awesome scraps of fabric to start building up my stash!  Even some from Laura Jane's baby blanket that her mom made her way back when!  It's these personal details that make swaps the best thing on the entire planet.  I could not be more excited about all of these things!!

Then... The yarn.  Does this face say it all?

There are two balls of Sirdar Eco Wool, 100% undyed virgin wool.   It is soooo much softer than you think it might be.  I LOVE this! I think I could buy undyed for absolutely everything and I'd be perfectly happy. 

Laura Jane sent two balls of Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed that are to DIE for!   I hadn't had a chance to knit in a tweed yet but I've been chomping at the bit! This dark brown is just so incredibly lovely:

Then finally.... an absolutely gorgeous skein of recycled Sari yarn!  I'd heard of it before but I had never seen it in person!  The shine this yarn has is stunning.  I already have a project brewing for this one!

So Laura Jane, in response to your comments about me spoiling you and going over board -  I think I got the better end of this deal! hehe  You asked for less expensive yarn than I did for sure!  I can not wait to get knitting with these and testing all my yummy goodies! Thank you so much, Laura Jane!  This was an excellent Christmas Eve Eve surprise!!


  1. You are going to love the Sari yarn! I got an early present of 2 skeins of recycled sari yarn similar to what you got, and I could barely finished the project I was working on before starting the new one!

    What a lucky gal, the package looks amazing!

  2. I'm so glad you like everything Sarah! It was a bit of a panic near the end huh? Such a coincidence that it arrived as we were mailing back and forth!

    I hope you like all the bits and pieces of fabric too. I don't really have a huge fabric stash, just stuff for upcoming projects, but i thought it would be cool to send you some scraps to get you started. I love those scrappy string quilts you see around.

    Oh and the mince pies... I've never heard of putting them in the oven! I usually eat them cold, or take them out the foil case and blast it in the microwave for a couple of seconds.

    You look so cute with the yarn-happy-face! And Popeye (btw, such a cute name for a kitty) looks like he enjoyed the wrapping too. Beaker got straight into my box after I'd taken everything out. Cats eh? As my dad would say, They'd be in if they fell in.

    Hope you and Mr.P have a great christmas!


  3. Oh and I meant to say, I did the quilting on the pot holders just on our machine. Not free hand (i.e. with the feed dogs up and a normal quarter inch foot). It worked really well! I'm going to write a tute in the new year, i'll send it to you when I'm done :-)

  4. cool ..happy bunnies unite!!merry christmas!!

  5. I've knit with sari yarn and have a few skeins left over- it makes for a decadent little shrug!

  6. I love swapping! It seems like you got a great package. If you want to do a swap with me, I live in Mexico, so I'm international, right? :) Let me know... Happy 2010!

  7. Laura Jane is a cancer (like me) so it's only natural you two get along. =) Great packages on both your parts.