Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{11 Days Until Christmas!}

and my last gifts are in the mail! So how do I celebrate?  I sew a new bag for ME!  The idea struck when I surfed in to these directions at New Green Mama. Fantastic full tutorial with a TON of pictures!  I had been pondering what to do with the rest of the fabric I bought for the treeskirt and this pattern totally fit the bill!

It's about 12" x 14" wide and the size is perfect for a math textbook and a notebook, plus pencils and erasers and stuff.  There's two pockets, little square one and the one that's the whole width on the solid red side.  And did you notice it's fully reversible?  I love it! Thank you Green Mama for the pattern!


  1. Wow! The bag is gorgeous! Love the fabric with the flowers :) And all your gifts are finished? Wow!!! Congratulations!!!!

  2. Love that fabric Sarah! Does it match your tree skirt?

    When should I start to get worried about your parcel? I sent it weeks ago now!! I can't believe you haven't got it yet. Hopefully the stripy packing paper I used didn't entice someone to steal it... :-(!!!

  3. The bag is gorgeous, really a perfect use for the fabric!

  4. Oh I want one. Must put it on my to-make list and hope I get around to it!

  5. I love how the bag turned out. It looks awesome!!

  6. Beautiful Bag! I wish all my gifts were in the mail. Hopefully tomorrow will be the last day!

    And thanks for following my blog! I'm still new at this, and so excited every time I see a new face!

  7. LOL, I love how you celebrate. What a wonderful December you've been having, baby-girl! I really wish I were closer and could share in some of this!
    I love you very much
    PS, LOVE the bag, the tree skirt, the balaclava, the decorating! You are an inspiration and I can't believe you came from me! ~grins