Saturday, September 25, 2010

{Is the Whole World Sick?}

(gratuitous kitty picture. bonus - can you spot two kitties? hehe )

Hey Folks.  This has been a particularly long delay between posts for me, hasn't it?  Tuesday I was hit hard by a particularly malicious and sneaky bug that knocked me on my butt for the rest of the week.  Fever and soreness abounded and I wasn't even able to KNIT! UGH! What's the point of being home from school if I can't spend the whole day knitting? hehe

This has consequently put me a tad behind in my homework. Thankfully I was working ahead before I got sick so I'm not as behind as I could have been.  All my teachers have been great in helping me figure out what I missed.

I did manage to start the garter stitch Pea Coat for Niece #3!  A LOVELY lady from Book Destash & ISO Library forum on Ravelry responded to my In Search Of post and ended up sending me the little magazine that the pattern was printed in for FREE!  Niece #3 is a tad big for mot of the patterns now and I'm sorta cheating to get a bigger size (larger needles with larger gauge yarn and same # of stitches as the largest size. Hope it works!) so if anyone would like the "Knits for Boys and Girls" magazine from Knitting issue 63 (may of 2009) they are welcome to it. I'll pass it along readily!

Also, My quilt is done!! I have the pieced binding sewn together and I need to iron the seams before I can sew it on (eep!) . Maybe I'll do that this afternoon? hmmmmmmmm...

Ooo! And I bought more quilting fabric!  Have you guys checked out  They have these AWESOME fabric deals, one a day, and flat rate shipping!  I paid $1.33 for a turnover pack from Moda, and then added a charm pack that looked to be coordinating for $7.95, add on $5 shipping and BAM!   I'm sooooooo pleased!!

I thought looking at them online that they'd be more Fall-ish but it turns out the Botanicals are more rustic Christmasy! YAY!  I'm on the lookout now for some kind of easy quilts that use a turnout pack and a charm pack.  Any ideas? :)

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  1. Too ill to knit? Ooh, that is bad!
    Hope you are feeling better. : )