Saturday, September 18, 2010

{A Quickie FO - No Looking Jimmy!}

I have no idea if my brother even reads my blog.... but...

If you are the Brother of the Writer of this blog... No peeking!  (It's okay if you look, Mum... as long as you don't tell. ;) )

My brother has been asking for a long black scarf with a red stripe since LAST Christmas, and I didn't have time with last year's knitting.  Well, along the way this year I discovered Crochet and how much FASTER scarves are!  If I had had to knit this scarf it would have taken me UNTIL Christmas! (not unlike the Mittens, which are languishing to the side as I type this).

Did I mention my brother is way over 6'?  So I hope this still "long" to him! LOL And here's a close up, since it was getting dark when Mr. Pie shot this photo last night:

This scarf was made in the Cascade Elite Montera in black and red in 50% Wool and 50% Llama, so it should be WAY warm.  I just single chained until It was about 6 feet long and then I single chained back and forth, changing colours as necessary.  I was surprised that the yarn wasn't as soft against my neck as it was against my hand, but hopefully that won't bother him too much.

What do you think, will he like it?? :D  I like it! And I like that there's another Christmas Present done!


  1. I love it, Sarah! What a perfect 'boy' gift. :o) I think I could maybe crochet this. What stitches did you use? Or did you use a pattern that's available? Thanks for sharing. Happy Saturday! :o) Larri at Seams Inspired

  2. First time to your blog via Twice Remembered Cottage. I am in awe of anyone that can knit, crochet and sew. I'm sure your brother will love his gift and get much use out of it.


  3. Very spiffy. Actually makes me tempted to try doing that... I've never crocheted a scarf in that direction.

  4. This is really nice! I always struggle to find good, wearable 'man' patterns. Good Job!

  5. Good job darlin! I won't say a word, promise! and I have not peeked yet at that "other" page ~grins But you know how I want to!

  6. It looks really good. What stitch did you use? It looks swirly.