Wednesday, September 15, 2010

{School Woes and New Yarn}

As you can probably imagine, school is now in full swing for me.  It's all wanting to get hot and heavy and demanding my full attention, which has in turn taken away from my relationship with my knitting.  I'm still chugging along on those colourwork mittens that I'm SO thrilled with, but I haven't even finished the thumb gusset on the second one yet. It's getting there.

BUT, that hasn't kept me from buying yarn and planning for my other Christmas Knits.  Are you ready for a wild ride of Yarn? hehe

I started out with a Walmart trip because that's my best source for Acrylic yarns for the kids stuff I'm knitting this year.

I've had good luck with Caron's Simply Soft line in the past, so I bought some of this pink for a little girls' cardigan.   I'll need buttons for this one soon.  I also grabbed my first stuff from the Vanna's Choice line because it was a great lofty acrylic (as opposed to the above silkier acrylic) for the Pea Coat that's on my Xmas list.

Isn't it a great yellow colour?? It'll be GREAT with the little cargo pants I have planned to go with. You haven't seen those yet because I was waiting on this yarn to do the finishing.

THEN. Dudes.  I contacted a lady I know through Ravelry who has sold me yarn before to ask her if she had any black and red yarn for a scarf that's on my list since I knew she was still looking to do a lot of destashing. She said yes, she had a couple of hanks black and one in red of a wool blend, would that be okay?  The recipient of said scarf doesn't know his fibers too well, so I wasn't worried about the "blend" part.  She quoted me $15 for a couple of black and one red. I was THRILLED!

But YOU GUYS. I just got the box yesterday and it was MUCH bigger than I was expecting! She didn't just send me a couple black and a red, she said me a TON of Cascade Montera and a bunch of Cascade Pastaza!!  It's 50% Wool and 50% Llama!! Soooooo incredibly soft! Check THIS O.U.T:

9 skeins of black.

one red.

 one red painted.

two purple.

one green.

one green painted.

PLUS she added in a Debbie Bliss pattern book that blows my socks off!!!

I want to thank Cindy from the very bottom of my heart for this gift.  I am blown away by your generosity and am humbled by it at the same time.  I promise that when I'm a seasoned knitter I will find ways to make younger knitters feel special the same way you've made me feel oh so VERY special.

Thank you.


  1. That's quite a score. I'm looking forward to what you have planned.

  2. Awesome! Looks like you found you fairy-knitting-godmother..

    Me want one toooooooo

    I'm on a strict 'buy-no-yarn' diet until next year...

  3. Dude! That looks awesome. And I too like the caron simply soft. I'm making a scarf for my husband out of it right now. (navy blue though, not pink)