Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{Wow... Just Wow.}

How often seriously do you stumble over the most gorgeous products you've ever seen on Etsy?  For me it's like that everyday.  But this.... you guys... I don't think you even have to be a fiber enthusiast to appreciate the colour and the luminance captured in this yarn.

It's a two-lady team from Germany and they have several shops.  I've only pulled just a few examples of their work (they have PAGES of offerings in each shop!)

These yarn above are from the shop Dye for Wool and are all wool and wool/silk blends.  Seriously - do you see this colour???? All of the ones pictured are between $25 and $27 dollars, which I think is very reasonable.  They are so incredibly breath-taking!

Then these ones are from their shop Dye for Yarn, and are all 100% silk with a price between $34 and $35, which is still totally comparable to other yarns that don't have this kind of depth to the dyes.

Then... THEN! They have a jewelry shop too!   It's called Balanced Entropy and this is my favorite piece from that store:

This is called "Moonflower" and is $47. Way cool.

Friends... family... distant relatives and complete strangers: look no further for my Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary or graduation gifts.

You're welcome.


  1. Now if they only did embroidery floss...

  2. Oh S You have me drooling over those colours! That bottom left purple is divine I tell you!

  3. Wow! Those colors are amazing! Thank you for the links :D

  4. Those are AWESOME! Thanks for doing some damage to my next paycheck. :)

  5. That yarn is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it here. I will certainly be checking it out.