Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{Swap Presents!}

Lazy (from Lazy Knits and Purls) and I decided WAY back in May to do a swap amongst ourselves just for the heck of it!  I had a ton of fun picking and choosing yarn and a pattern for her! 

Then, with much anticipation, my package from her arrived!!

I LERVE it!!  The colour is the perfect shade of heathery teal that I've been obsessing over lately and I absolutely adore the pattern! She blocked it perfectly so all the lace stands out super nice! 

AND I got some Godiva chocolates, but unfortunately they have not survived until photographing. hehe YUM!  Thank you so so MUCH, Miss Lazy! :D  I can't wait for weather to get cooler so I can wear it out!!


  1. October cannot come soon enough! That's a great teal color by the way.


  2. What a fun idea! I love your new shawlette/wrap. And, chocolates too? Wow!

  3. Oh, that IS a beautiful shawl! And it really looks great on you!

  4. It's beautiful! She did a great job!

  5. That is just lovely. I've been knitting a lot of teal this year, too.

  6. Very nice. Great colour and pattern!

  7. Great swap! she did a fantastic job on it...the color is great too!