Friday, July 1, 2011

{And the Queue Goes On....}

Happy Canada Day, Blog World! 
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I have been doing a bunch of crafting lately, but since the giveaways were so exciting they took priority. I don't have pictures yet for this post, but tomorrow I'll take photos for you all to see my new sweater!  I knit a sweater in like a week! (aran weight, top down. don't be too impressed. lol)  

Oh, so Ravelry seems to have exploded with interesting new fall patterns I haven't seen before!  My queue there used to have like 3 things in it and now I'm up over 20! I'm kind of sick of summer already.  Is that terrible to say?  I'm just not a summer person.  My skin is so pale that I constantly have to worry about getting burned if I'm out too long, I hate the sticky wet feeling of the humidity here in the south, shorts and my butt aren't really getting along (hehe), so yeah.  I can't wait for fall to get here.

It's patterns like this one for instance. My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw it! (cables. How I love thee!)  The depth of colour on this first yarn is just mind blowing:

and the same in white:
(Ravelry link.  If you aren't signed up for Ravelry already you seriously should be!)

The cables just down the center are so so flattering, don't you think? I'll be able to build in some shaping! YAY!  The cables... the neckline... the way the sleeves fit! SWOON! I love this sweater!  I might make it just a tad longer so it comes down over my hips but lord oh lord that is one gorgeous piece of clothing!

And I might just wear it with these socks.

I wonder if the Boyfriend Sweater Curse carries over to socks?  These would be some FAB boyfriend/husband socks.  But I still think I'll make them for me. :P  I have been doing MUCH better at selfish knitting this year as a whole.  It took some work, too! hehe

I think it's time for a really fantastic fair isle hat too.  Something like this one:

Gramma K's Fair Isle Tam 

I think I would choose different more fall-ish colours, but I love the overall design.  Or something similar. So pretty. Maybe something with matching gloves?

Hand Painted Gloves by Karen Neal

Entrelac is totally on my list too.  Something about how the colours play off each other in this hat makes me very interested.  


Felting.. ? Maybe? I'm not sure.  I am intrigued by some of the bags I see though.  I still haven't found my perfect pattern for the one in my head.  

I have pieces of a skirt for sewing on my sewing table.  It's my FIRST skirt! YAY!  I managed to buy a very different size from the one I needed though, so that sucks.  My friend Judy helped me cut it out and add the extra inches in where I needed them.

I also expect I'll be doing a touch of quilting... crochet maybe? We'll see! Definitely more berry jelly  making (because fresh berries make summer worth living through) and bread making.. do you guys want to see that here? :)

Happy July 4th weekend! 




  1. Wow, I love that cabled sweater. I'm off to Ravelry to add it to my queue!

  2. A great way to get through summer - bypass it and focus on cool-weather knits. I really love this Tanis Gray cabled sweater, beautiful choice. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You aren't alone in your distaste for summer - but unfortunately I live where it is summer 90% of the year! My hiney and shorts haven't been on speaking terms for almost ten years now... thank heavens we have a love affair with skirts though.

    My queue is filling up quickly as well with warmth inducing knits to send to my eldest who will be freezing in South Dakota while away at college. Her decision was partially based on the fact that she didn't want to "melt" any more... she has no idea what she's in for, does she... lol.

  4. That is a beautiful sweater. I'm impressed that you can make such a complex item.

    Your queue is up to 20?? You have amazing self-control. Mine is approaching 100 (or have I already passed that?).

  5. I have grown to kind of hate summer as well. It seems so...wrong, though.

    So many pretty things, so little time.

  6. Those are all gorgeous, especially the first. It's patterns like those that leave me thinking, "So much beautiful knitting, so little time!"