Friday, April 22, 2011

{Alright Folks - I need your help with homework!}

As the title not-so-subtly implies, I need your help with a homework project.  For my E-Commerce class I need to design an online store of my choosing, and of course I chose a yarn store.  I need to be able to describe everything about it - the navigation, how I'm going to attract customers, how I'm going to keep customers, how it looks (with a little bit of web design to go with it, though this is not a web design class), Is there any kind of online community? Search Engine Optimization... like...everything.  And I have an unlimited budget for my imaginary store.

So hit me with it!  What are all your favorites things about your favorite online stores of any kind?  If you're an online yarn shopper, specifically, how do you like to shop for your yarn and knitting goodies? like, how are they organized on the store.   What are your favorites stores and why do you keep going back to them?  Hook me up with a link so I can check out what they look like!

I basically need to do this over the weekend.  ANY help you can offer I would be SO GRATEFUL!  Thank you, Online Hommies!


Desperate, The Student Knitter


  1. Hello there! All four of my brothers-in-law are coming to visit for the holiday, so i might not be very available for chatting. But i thought i would give a little input. I like yarn stores best when the yarn is organized by weight, not by fiber. The pictures should be nice and you should be able to click on them to see them bigger. I also like when you can see how many of each yarn are in stock. Oh, and paypal should definitely be a paying optiion! And shipping info should also be easy to find.

    I'll try to get on Skype sometime this weekend, i miss you!

    Hugs / Jenny

  2. Everything Jenny said...Also Rav advertisements are a big one for me...I'll be reading along on a forum and bam...the yummy yarn at the bottom catches my eye and I go clickety-click!

    Color attracts me, so lots of nice colorful photos...I also like yarn with fun names..I bought some Land of Oz because of the name, well it was my favorite color too....

  3. As someone who sells on-line, I'm really curious to see what everyone says -
    I agree with the previous posters: good photography and clear information are key. A wide selection (something I am working to build in my own shop) is important. Not only a wide selection of items (i.e., having yarn but also the accessories needed to knit/crochet like needles, stitch markers, etc.), but a good selection of each item (variety in color, materials and price). I also love what Gracey said about fun names - I'm a sucker for names too.
    Here's my shop, if you want to check it out:

  4. I agree with all the above ideas, and it's hard to come up with more, but I'll try.

    I like yarn organized by brand and weight (not color!). I want to be able to find the price and yardage/weight immediately.

    I go back to stores that have my favorite brands and/or a large selection. I love inexpensive accessories, like cute tape measures. Knitpicks patterns are a great idea, and I often browse them.

    I've actually discovered some good stores through podcasts, particularly Never Not Knitting.

  5. scrapperjen said this, but I accidentally deleted it! gah!

    "I like bright, colorful sights - I find it attractive to the eyes. I like sites I can navigate easily and can find what I am looking for without too much fuss.

    To answer your question of HOW I shop. Sale and clearance first, just in case what I'm looking for is there. THEN I look by what I 'need'.

    I will e-mail you some links this weekend. Let me know if you need anything else.

    Good luck! "

  6. have you looked at the website? They sell beads of course, but they allow searching for items by color, size, brand, etc...For something to look at navigation/searching made easy on a shopping site, it may be a good reference.

    Here is a yarn site I LOVE...

  7. I love choice of ways to search- by weight/ brand/ fibre. I sometimes have a yarn in mind or a project in mind so I like being offered a search method for both!

  8. I love to have yarn arranged by weight rather than type or brand as well. I also really like it if there is a suggested needle size and other info from the ball band since I'm quite new to yarn shopping and I'm not always sure what needles I would use and what's washable etc.

    Also, if you were thinking of selling needles, I like those being arranged by size as well, rather than brand.

    Good luck on your project!

  9. I do love etsy and I think that would be a great site for your handmade items.