Saturday, April 16, 2011

{Action Packed Weekend!}

This weekend has been a ton of fun.  Last night Mr. Pie and I got a room down in the BIG CITY of Roanoke and attended the spring dance my school puts on every year.  We got all dolled up and had a great time dancin' and laughin'. :)

(it came out a tad fuzzy, so do yourself a favour and don't make it big. hehe)

The only way we could have had a better time was if the DJ had played more music we were familiar with.  I didn't think I had been out of the loop THAT long, but he really enjoyed mixing and the result was a bunch of music I didn't recognize or particularly enjoy.  But we still had a good time. 

Then this morning we woke up and headed out to the Bedford Fiber Festival.  My first one ever!  The weather didn't want to cooperate so much: 

They managed to get some hay down, but before that I may have ruined a pair of sneakers in the mud. lol  We weren't there very long because it was more of a vendor fair than a festival - but I did meet some fun people!

I met this very lovely lady: Natasha from Unplanned Peacock Studio, a local yarn dyer whose yarn I fell in love with at the LYS in Roanoke called Yarn Explosions.

and I did a little stash enhancing, of course:

some Twisty Sock in a colour called Onyx that Mr. Pie picked out for some dress socks for him.  I'm looking forward to working with it!

I also met Sonya from Studio 43 Pottery , a local pottery maker,  who had some hand built yarn bowls that were to die for.  And of course now I can't find a picture. GAH!  They were $30, and just so so so gorgeous.  She has an etsy store that's linked from her site too but expressed disappointment in it, so it may not be there for long.  She said to contact her directly if you're interested.  I'm definitely interested!  Don't you think a yarn bowl would be a wonderful birthday gift?  muwahahaha  We also saw a decorative platter that captured our heart because it had the most beautiful tree drawn right in to the pottery before firing.  Uhh! Loved it. 
I'm exhausted, but content.  I think the rest of the day will be for knitting, but then tomorrow and monday will be nothing but homework!


  1. Thanks for the yarn bowl heads up - I have been searching for almost a year for the perfect yarn bowl but the prices have been exorbitant. Her pricing is just perfect - I'm off to email for more information.

  2. How cool that you got to meet the woman behind Unplanned Peacock! I've got one of her skeins too, that I bought when we were with you in Roanoke, and it's just so pretty!

    Hugs / Jenny

  3. Looks like a fun trip. I've been wanting a yarn bowl for ages, but I worry that our cats might enjoy it a little too much!

  4. Fiber festivals are awesome! Although I usually find myself completely overwhelmed.