Thursday, January 13, 2011

{First Knitting of 2011!}

I've been working at my internship in the Business office at school doing all kinds of cool accounting stuff.  I'm really enjoying it, but dude! It's like a... a full time job! LOL

I got this little project done before I started January 3rd, but I come home in the dark every night so getting a pic has been hard. I caught this one just as I was losing sun!

I had been knitting on that lace scarf for a while, but with the working and all I needed a good stockinette project.  Enter the Pipit Sweater.  (rav link)  It's an interesting construction, enough that I don't fall asleep, it's top down seamless, since I'm knitting the sleeves in the round, and it's going to be SUPER comfy in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.  I can't wait for this one to be done!


  1. Cute gloves! Pipit is indeed an interesting pattern, it's on my maybe-knit list so I'll be looking forward to reading more about your project :)

  2. So glad you have resurfaced Missy, I was just getting worried! The mits look nice and squishy to keep your fingers warm at work, but don't work too hard! Enjoy student life while you can, this full time working thing sure does come around quick lol.

    Love the sweater, might have to queue that one up!