Xmas 2011

Completed Knitting:
This hat is ready for 2012 gift giving, but it doesn't have a destination yet.  I already made another for me. hehe

Knitting in Progress:

MELISSA: Mock Cable Socks in bright yellow! I think this one has become my go-to not-quite-vanilla sock pattern.  She liked my hand knitted socks while I was out there and requested a pair of comfy wintery ones, so I'll do my best to accommodate. 

Planning Stages:

This will be for my 5 year old niece this year I think.  She enjoyed her Paper Dolls so well last year that i think a sweater is in order for her again this year.  I'm thinking maybe Knit Picks Comfy Worsted if her mom doesn't mind a hand washing sweater again.  

I did a sweater vest for this nephew last year and his mom (my half-sister) seemed to like it, but probably not an 8 year old boys' favorite thing to get for Christmas ever.  I think I may do a vest for him again with this pattern, but also get him something fun.  Definitely will need a washable yarn for this little guy.
MOM:  dunno yet.  Maybe socks?
NIECES:  are all 3 getting quilts this year. The fabric is bought and I think they'll be simple "sew squares together" style quilts so they won't look "too old" for the young girls.  I'll post pictures as they're completed.  They have an aunt on the other side of their family who knits for them, so I don't feel like competing. :P

BROTHER: probably not. Need alternative ideas.

BROTHER-IN-LAW:  I found his flip-top gloves at the bottom of the toy box when I was there, so I think I'll find something more practical for him this year. 

DAD: alternative gift already bought.

SISTERS-IN-LAW:  Both ADORE my knitting, so I'd like to find something for them.  I dunno what yet though!