Sunday, December 23, 2012

{Hey! Hi! It's been a million years!}

Hi! Fancy meeting you here!  I haven't seen you guys in a while... I've been super busy settling in to my new post-graduation job and finding a routine.

Oh and then we bought the house! I know you guys have seen pics here in the past.  We moved the first week of December and have been settling in here. It's starting to feel like our own.

gratuitous living room shot.  And no - I'm not winning any mantle 
decorating competitions this year.  

But anyway! I'm here today because I found this sweater that I've fallen in love with!  I haven't been doing a whole lot of complicated knitting lately because a) not a lot of money for yarn these days and 2) (hehe) not a lot of time for heavy-concentration knitting.   Lately when I've felt the pull of the wool it's for something that I can do in front of the tv and turn off my brain.  And thinking back, it really was my winter and summer breaks where I got most of my big knitting done while I was in school.

So back to the sweater - I'm writing because it presents a dilemma for me.   First of all, this is it here:
Tilda in the Brooklyn Tweed new line up.  I love the raglan shape, the eyelets, and the delicate cabling down the front and even the little contrast edges at the bottom and the cuffs!  It has totally captivated me.  I haven't cast on yet though because there are a few things I don't like.  But what are a few uhh ... challenges... (cough cough)... when you're in LOVE?  We find ways to work around those, right??

Here's the thing though.  It's in worsted weight yarn, which I sorta promised myself I would graduate past because all the sweaters I've knit in worsted weight yarn tend to be too bulky on me. I really need to be down at DK and below.  BUT! I could just put in a bunch of shaping right?? Easy peasey on a top-down construction!  

This one is not top-down.  It's a seamed construction knit from the bottom up, as seen here in the WP4LookBook .   Go take a look at that link... I'll wait a second.

How in the world am I going to shape that without totally ruining the line of the eyelets that I love?? GAH!!  And why on God's Green Earth would someone design a raglan cardigan that has to be knit from the bottom up! DOUBLE GAH!!!

Help me out, Homies.  Help me to understand, even if you can't help me to knit this beautiful (if torturous) pattern.



  1. do you think if you put a marker 2 st. before the eyelets & did the shaping on just one side (the back?) of the markers/eyelets it would keep the eyelet row straight? I think that is how I would go about it. it is a beautiful sweater and I am surpised it seems to have no shaping already though I can't tell because I cannot see the pattern haha.

  2. LOL at your mantle decorating competitions comment! haha

    To answer your question, I have no idea what made me come back to the blog. I'm not any less busy...I just really missed chatting with all of you and showing pictures of my finds and stuff. I was away for WAY too long and I could just feel it. I mean, it was like 7 months, I think! I've never ever gone that long (and I hope I don't do it again).

    Nice to see you!!!

  3. Aaa, I wish I could help more....but, when I have had similar trouble with patterns and fitting, I try to mash up two Frankenstein style. That would be kind of a shame to do that with such a nice pattern though. You could also try shaping a long way in. so as to make less impact on the eyelets.