Xmas 2010

If you're family then... No peeking!!  Move from this page Immediately!! For everyone else, you can see how I'm doing on my Christmas Knitting list! Fun, right? :)


Reversible Cabled Scarf in Malabrigo Worsted for Dad

Paper Dolls Sweater for Mr. Pie's Niece:

Icarus Shawl for Sister-in-Law #1:

Working Mitts for my Brother-in-Law:

Purse for my sister (will be filled with scrap book goodies):

Vroom Vest for my Nephew:

Hey Teach for Niece #1

Long Scarf for My brother (no pattern, just a lot of single crochet):

Rustic Quilt for Sister-in-Law #2 and her husband

September Shawl  for Mom.  The yarn was dyed by Vberry,

3/4 Sleeve Cardigan for Niece #2

Andalus Mittens for my Half Sister

 Almost Completed:

Cargo Pants for my Niece:  In progress FROGGED!  These definitely wouldn't have fit!

Duffle Coat for Niece #3 in a bright yellow colour to coordinate with her cargo pants.  FROGGED! I have no idea what i'll do now!