Sunday, July 8, 2012

{Two in One Day? That's Absurd.}

Well, technically the last post was for yesterday... I just didn't get around to writing it yesterday. Forgive me?

TODAY though - I finished my quilted table runner!! YAY! **horns & cheers**

pattern: Bargello Christmas Wreath by Becky Botello

The bargello technique is pretty cool -  You sew long strips together and then sew them in to a tube that you cut horizontally at varying widths so you get that regular repeating pattern.  It went together pretty quick once I caught on!

Also the machine sewing of the front AND the back is new and so so much faster than the hand-stitching I was doing before.  The trick is to iron over the binding to the back and then sew in the ditch from the front so you catch the binding on the edge.  I had to be careful, but I think it turned out really well!

One last glamour shot: the front and back displayed together:

I think I'll have to "lend" this one to mom, then sew her another one so I can get it back!  (It fits my table much better than it would fit hers, don't you think? :P)


  1. You are an amazing, talented young lady!!! That quilt is beautiful!!

  2. You are an amazing and talented young woman!! That is a beautiful quilt!! Good job!!

  3. That table runner is absolutely gorgeous, I'm very jealous!

  4. Horns and cheers is right! That's a pretty amazing table runner!! Oh, and congratulations on buying a house. What fun to decorate it! xox