Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{A Weekend Of Knitting}

I've had such an amazing lazy weekend with lots of knitting and lots of time with Mr. Pie.  He's back on his rotating shift schedule, so we'll only get one weekend together a month again. A far cry away from every weekend like we've had for the last 6 months. 

And it turned out to be very productive in a knitterly kind of way.  I finished my Pipit Sweater!

The construction was super interesting in this one, but the knitting itself wasn't too intriguing - pretty much all stockinette.  But you start at the back of the neck and knit down one sleeve, then (if you've done the provisional cast on, as stated, unlike me) then you just pick up your cast-on stitches and knit down the other sleeve.    This turned out exactly how I wanted it to!  A flattering but super duper comfy weekend / school sweater.  It's easy to wear, form flattering if not form fitting, I think.  The pattern doesn't call for any shaping at all, but with my body that doesn't work so I put in a little bit. 

The fact that it's knit in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino doesn't hurt either. ;)

You'll also notice that my sleeves and neck are rolled, unlike the picture of the pattern.  I have no idea how they got theirs to NOT roll since it's just stockinette bound off.  The pattern also gives instructions for a kind of baseball jersey shaped bottom where it dips down in the front and back a little bit.  I was running short on yarn so I skipped it, just doing a bottom trim like my last sweater where I did one purl row, knit a few more rows and then bound off, tucking the bound edge up under.  I like how it looks nice and finished.  OH, I also knit the sleeves in the round so that there was ZERO seaming and/or finishing! Woo-Hoo!

So what do you think?? I'll have another FO to show you tomorrow, too!


  1. Oh my goodness - it looks fabulous! I want one... and since your weekends seem to be a bit more free... lol. Okay, never mind - I learn to do a sweater on my own. Let's just hope it turns out half as wonderful as yours. I just love it.

  2. It's beautiful, and it fits you perfectly too! I think you definitely did the right thing when adding a it of waist shaping, as it looks great!

    Hey, did you know that Chris has promised me bacon when we get there?


  3. It turned out great! And i'd say it fits you perfectly!

  4. It's gorgeous! I like the rolls on the collar...even if you don't :-)

  5. How do you bust this stuff out so quickly?? It looks great!

  6. Pretty as can be! Love it! Miss you! Tired now, going to bed.

  7. Oh I love it! Not only does the sweater look nice... it looks great on you!

  8. Great job- that sweater fits you perfectly!

  9. So cute! It fits you perfectly and I love the color! Fantastic job!